Analogy for Hampton Roads home prices

This being a nautical town, I thought I’d share this analogy on pricing a home for sale.

Remember, the price your home ultimately sells for will be the market price for your home based on the current market for homes like yours as dictated by the number of buyers and the number of homes for sale. That said, here is the analogy. Think of the list price you set on the home as a fishing net. You set the price and then cast the net out into the marketplace. You give it a few weeks and then you pull the net in to see what you’ve caught. If your net was the right mesh, you attracted a good number of qualified buyers to your home and may have received an offer. If you didn’t attract many buyers or any at all, your mesh (price) was not right. You need to adjust the mesh and try again.

Don’t waste a lot of time casting the net if you’re not catching anything and don’t waste your time with too small adjustments either. Fact is, there ARE fish out there and you need to catch them before they swim away!

If you are considering selling your home, consider me your fishing guide. I know what’s biting, where they’re biting, and which bait to use! Call me.

Brad Anderson, REALTOR
Keller Williams Realty
(757) 816-2968


2 comments so far

  1. Erin on

    That’s a great analogy! Really great post!!

  2. Naoma Doriguzzi on

    Brad – great analogy!

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